The Leanconf 2014 Community Ticket Application
We have set aside 50 subsidised tickets for bootstrapping entrepreneurs, not-for-profit organisations, students and very early stage startups. People who might not have the funds to pay for the full price ticket.

Ticket price will be set by you! We are asking you to indicate how much a ticket to Leanconf would be worth to you and that is what you will pay.

If you would like to apply then fill in the application and we will get back to you. We only have a limited amount of tickets available so they will be offered on a first come first served basis. If you have any questions please email
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Hint: more detail here the better
Tell us about your ticket requirements

What is a ticket to Leanconf worth to you in £ *

Please bear in mind that a conference is quite expensive to run, we run Leanconf as a not-for-profit so no one gets paid for the hours put into the conference. Its for the community by the community.

Our suggested amount is £100 however we really want genuine answers here.

What is a 2 day conference with world class speakers,  great networking opportunities and a chance to go to the only Lean Startup conference in Europe worth to you?

This is what you will pay if you are accepted
How many tickets to the conference do you require *

Should you be accepted you will pay the amount you suggested above for each ticket
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Thanks for completing the application.

If you share this application form with other interested people it will count extra to the application process.
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